The Global Jewish Database (The Responsa Project) at Bar-Ilan University is thecontact largest database of its kind. This database includes the full text of the Bible and its principal commentaries, the Babylonian Talmud with Rashi’s commentary and Tosafot, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, 300 Rambam Commentaries (Friedberg ed.),  Shulchan Aruch with commentaries, Midrashim, hundreds of books of responsa, searchable text of 20,000 articles from various Torah periodicals and collections, and the Talmudic Encyclopedia, representing a period of over three thousand years of Jewish literary creativity. All these and more are included in a Disk on Key (DOK).

Search the full text of the database by choosing a word or combination of words. Metrical operators, accurate powerful grammatical tools, and hypertext links enable you to find information you want within seconds.

A superb tool for rabbis, teachers, yeshiva students, students, researchers, writers, and Talmudic scholars.

It’s precious old wine, served in attractive and efficient modern vessels.

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